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Optical Windows
  • ★ 1/1x0.04, 1/1 x 0.04 allow a bubble with a diameter of 0.04. In fact, the area of the bubble is: 1 x 0.042=0.0016mm2 can be divided into many small bubbles, but its total area is the same.If: 1/1 times 0.04 is the same as 1/3 x 0.025 or 1/6 * 0.016,1/16 * 0.001 etc. If the expression has parentheses, it cannot be broken into multiple small bubbles. ★ 2/01 2/ denotes the requirement of stripe, 2/...

    17 May 2018

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  • Optical films are ubiquitous in our lives, from precision and optical devices and display devices to optical film applications in everyday life; Optical films can be classified according to their use classification, characteristics and applications: reflective film, anti-reflection/anti-reflective film, filter, polarizer/polarizer film, compensation film/phase plate, alignment film, diffusion film...

    23 Apr 2018

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