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  • High Precision Achromatic Waveplate

    Achromatic Waveplate Achromatic Waveplates(Retarders), AWP is composed of one piece of Crystal Quartz and one piece of Magnesium Fluoride, MgF2.

  • IR Windows Barium Fluoride BaF2 Window

    Barium fluoride (BaF2) shows good optical transmission over UV-IR windows in 0.15μm~12.5μm.

  • IR Windows Magnesium Fluoride MgF2 Windows

    MgF2 windows are used in the UV, visible and IR ranges, with approximately 94% transmission from 200 - 1000 nm, and approximately 95% transmission from 1-6µm

  • IR Windows Calcium fluoride CaF2 Windows

    CaF2 has transparent range from 170-7800nm. The refractive index is 1.399 at 5000nm. 1. Low absorption coefficient 2. High damage threshold, 3. Low Dispersion (with an Abbe Number of 95) 4. Low fluorescence 5. Excellent water, chemical, and heat resistance

  • Fused Silica Windows and Quartz Windows

    Fused Silica material Advantages With Good UV and IR transmission, Low thermal expansion, providing stability and resistance to thermal shock, Wider thermal operating range and High laser damage threshold make Fused Silica windows could used for Laser, Medical, imaging etc. application.

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Al, Ag, Au Coated Mirror


Optical Aluminum Coated Mirrors

Optical Aluminum Coated Mirrors

Average Reflectance >88% from 450 nm to 10 µm
Shape could be customized: Round, Square, Elliptical, Right angle prisms
Material could be customized: Fused silica, Pyrex, N-BK7

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Optical Aluminum Coated Mirrors

You know mirror is an object with a surface that has good specular reflection. that is, it is smooth enough to form an image. The most familiar type of mirror is the plane mirror, which has a flat surface. Curved mirror are also used, to produce magnified or demagnified images or focus light or simply distort the reflected image.

WTS make customized Protected Aluminum Mirrors, Enhanced Aluminum Mirrors.

Aluminum coated mirrors

Al coated mirrors

The shape could be circle, square, elliptical or right angle prisms or glued together.


Material: N-BK7 ; UV Fused Silica ;other optical glass

Dimension Tolerance:  +0/-0.1mm

Thickness Tolerance:   '+/-0.1mm

Surface quality: 60/40

Clear Aperture:  >85%

Flatness:  λ/4 per 25mm@633nm

Parallelism: <3'

Bevel: <0.25mmx45°


One surface(S1) :Polished and Metallic coating (Al, Ag, Au)

The other surface :Fine ground

Protected Aluminum Mirrors: Ravg> 85%@400nm-800nm

VIS Enhanced Aluminum Mirrors :Ravg> 90% @450nm-750nm

UV Enhanced Aluminum Mirrors:Ravg > 80%@250nm-400nm

Typical Sizes:

Size(mm)     Size(mm)

Φ5.0x1.0     10.0x10.0x3

Φ10.0x2.0   20.0x20.0x3

Φ12.7x2.0   25.4x25.4x3

Φ15.0x3.0   30.0x30.0x5

We are founded in 2009, successively introduced advanced optical processing equipment from home and abroad, and hired the production of experienced staff. If you are need Optical Aluminum Coated Mirrors,Glass Aluminum Coated Mirrors and other mirrors products you want customized, Please contact us!

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  • Gold Coated Mirrors Optical Gold Coated Mirrors

    Optical Gold Coated Mirrors Average Reflectance >94% from 800 nm to 20 µm Shape could be customized: Round, Square, Elliptical, Right angle prisms Material could be customized: Fused silica, Pyrex, N-BK7

  • Gold Coated Mirrors Optical Silver Coated Mirrors

    Optical Silver Coated Mirrors Average Reflectance >90% from 400 nm to 20 µm Shape could be customized: Round, Square, Elliptical, Right angle prisms Material could be customized: Fused silica, Pyrex, N-BK7

  • Double Convex lenses High Presion Double Convex Lenses and Bi-convex Lenses

    Double Convex Lenses, Bi-convex Lenses have two outward curved surfaces, a positive focal length and are useful for 1:1 imaging and in multi-element systems.These lenses are designed to have a focal length of f= (R1*R2)/((n-1)*(R2-R1)) 1. Supported by the Zemax Optical Design Package 2. Posistive Focal Length 3. Material upon requirement

  • Pyramid Prism High Accuracy Glass Pyramid Prisms

    Pyramid prisms has a base that is connected to a single vertex, not in the same plane as the base, by line segments from each vertex of the base shape.

  • True Zero Order Waveplates High Precision True Zero Order Waveplates

    True Zero Order Waveplates  1. Constructed of a true zero order waveplate and a BK7 substrate.As the waveplate is very thin and easy to be damaged,the Bk7 plate's function is to strengthen the waveplate.  2. Single Plate

  • Germanium Windows IR Windows Germanium Windows

    Germanium Windows are applied for IR Wavelength 1. 3 - 5μm for mid-infrared applications 2. 3 - 12μm for broadband multispectral applications 3. 8 - 12μm for thermal imaging applications

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