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Aspheric Optical Element Profile Detection Method
Jun 06, 2018
With the development of science and technology, sophisticated products and modern weapons are increasingly demanding quality of optical element, aspheric optical element because of excellent performance and application is more and more widely, demand more and more urgent, aspheric component surface shape detection researchers have become the focus, the paper focuses on the existing aspheric optical element face detection method, this paper introduces the principle of detection of various methods and the advantages and disadvantages of various methods is presented.

Aspheric and closest to the sphere along the normal direction of the deviation vector, said curve OP0A for aspheric surface, curve OM0A is closest to the sphere, C is the most close to the sphere centre, curve OP0A 'is and nearly spherical concentric and tangent to the aspheric sphere, POMO is the largest non sphericity.The maximum value of non-sphericity is an important basis for processing and testing.In the testing of aspheric components, how to measure the aspheric surface forms found in the most close to the reference surface deviation vector, and then the design value compared with the most close to the reference spherical differential, compute the closest with aspheric reference spherical difference compared to calculate and closest to the reference spherical surfaces is the steradian, at various points in the curvature radius and is an important part of the ball into testing.

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