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WTS Huangshan Mountain and Hong Cun Company Trip Nov 2018
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WTS Huangshan Mountain and Hong Cun Company Trip Nov 2018 

Time flies like in a twinkling of an eye. The annual trip of WTS came again. Last year we have visited the famous tourist attractions Nanjing Earth Building(Four Dishes and One Soup), and Yunshuiyao. This year, we went out of Fujian and visited the beautiful Mount Huangshan and Hongcun in Anhui Province.


People on the way were nice, the scenery were nice, and our moods were nicer. Having been working for almost a year, which was a busy and harvest year, we felt that this trip relaxed us both physically and mentally. Besides, it enhanced the teamwork of WTS. We were divided into three groups and had a competition towards who would be the first to get on the top of the mountain. More importantly, it reflected that WTS cared about the employees and it activated the atmosphere of our company and enhanced the communication and cooperation of us. Bringing the teamwork from work into this trip created an atmosphere that all the staffs were united,coherent,active and progressive.


Thousands of splendid peaks and boundless cloud sea are here in Mountain Huangshan. Standing at the peaks and looking at the cloud sea would make you feel heroic and generous. “One who has returned from Wu Yue (Five high mountains)thinks nothing of other mountains, and he who has been to Mountain Huangshan , thinks nothing of other high mountains.” The beauty of Mountain Huangshan lies in its elegance and generosity, as well as conforming to no conventional pattern. It is beautiful and spectacular no matter from which angle of view. According to the schedule, the trip of the first day was to Mountain Huangshan. It was foggy in the morning. When we lowered our head, we saw the steps. When we raised our head, we saw the fogs. While the stones and pine trees were standing on both sides. In the afternoon, it turned sunny, and luckily we saw the magnificent cloud sea which only occurred fifty times a year. We enjoyed the fairy land of the cloud sea which would be gone in a flash. We were deeply impressed by the grand cloud sea and reluctant to leave. We stayed at the site for about one hour. But it was something we got by chance rather by efforts. The trip to Mountain Huangshan was worthwhile and enjoyable.


Hongcun is a peculiar old village which resembles a cattle. It has both the interesting hills and also the beautiful rivers. It’s called “the village in Chinese paintings” . All the households are connected by the waterways. The river goes around all the houses in the village. The stack of buildings and yards, and the landscape of hills and lakes enhance the beauty of each other. You can enjoy picturesque view everywhere. Wondering in the roads, you will be enchanted by feeling carefree and leisure. The second day, we stepped into the blue flagstone under the Ma Tau Wall and started our trip to Hongcun. We have sensed the history and ups and downs of Hongcun. History is massive and heavy, but we are cheerful. We laughed with joys all the way. We have crossed the picture bridge that Li Mubai had walked through. We have lingered in the South Lake School. We have sighed with emotions for the uniqueness of Yuezhao Lake. We have walked through unknown alleys and rested over the big tree at the entrance of the village. We have seen the smoke curling up from the kitchen chimneys of the buildings with white walls and black tiles and felt the peaceful time in life.


Happy hours are short and trips would end. But recalling all the beautiful scenery we have seen on the way and all the happiness we have experienced, we would still feel extremely happy and content at this moment. All in all, I would like to express my gratitude towards WTS as well as every member in WTS from the heart. I feel lucky and proud to be a member of WTS.


And we are looking forward to the trip of WTS next year.

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