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WTS July Second Half Year Startup Conference
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WTS July Second Half Year Startup Conference


On July 1st, WTS second half year Startup conference started at the WTS new Restaurant and Gym Center


WTS family will be divided into Wei Long TeamTai Shan Team,  Si Nian Team and Light Speed Team. Four teams will have different performances during the conference and Morale Show.

Each Team leader would make Public Commitment for the work of the second half year. And there would be Reward and punishment after the time coming.

WTS team is one Company Team, Family Team, Army Team, School Team.

We work at WTS, learn at WTS, Share our love at WTS, protect WTS.


We will keep our mission in mind, stick to our values and fight for our vision. WTS are Turning better and better.

Do your best to fight for one Great second half year of 2019.

Light Speed TeamBirthday PartySi Nian TeamTai shan TeamWeilong Team


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