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WTS Men’s Day
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WTS Men’s Day


As we all know, March.8 is Women’s Day. On that day this year, men in our company gave presents and flowers to all the women in WTS. Looking at the beautiful smiles of the women when they got the gifts, men were delighted. Meanwhile, they were asking,”When will be Men’s Day?”


In order to plan a romantic Men’s Day for all the men in WTS, the females created a Wechat group together secretly. After fierce discussion in the group, we decided to give all the men a big surprise. HR was responsible for planning the whole party while others were keeping the secret. HR took pictures of all the men in our company and made a video out of it. She bought all the food and drinks, including the flowers.


On April 17, we gathered in the meeting room. Looking at the food and drinks on the table, no men in the room knew what was going on. Then HR played the video for the men. All the females went out and got the flowers. When the video was over. The females gave the flowers to all the men and said,”Happy Men’s Day!” All the men were surprised and pleasant. They finally have their own day! 

WTS Men’s Day Starts. WTS company culture move forward.

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