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Happy 2020 Chinese Rat Year
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Happy 2020 Chinese Rat Year


At 6:00 pm on January 10, 2020, the Fuzhou WTS Photonics 2019 End of the Year Party was kicked off at the Hyatt Hotel Fuzhou. All family members of the company and Fuzhou Optics friends attend the Party. The lively dinner gave us a strong Chinese Srpign Festive atmosphere.


This dinner uses the latest popular dinner + songs, dances, sketches, games + awards and other integrated modes. During the dinner, there were various delicious special foods, sounds of nature, cheerful dances, thought-provoking sketches, whimsical games, exciting draws, and the most important best employees award, best teams award, and the Iron Bull Award Loyalty awards and other awards.


The program was brilliant, and the climaxes brought a new visual feast to the company's employees.


The warm atmosphere of the whole banquet allowed employees to appreciate the program while gaining a sense of touch and a sense of belonging to the company. The company is the employee's home, and the employee is the company's builder. The family works hard, the company could be better and stronger. The stronger and stronger the company, the better  treatment and guarantee could offer to the WTS people. We are proud to be a part of WTS. WTS is proud to provide a potential and promising platform for our family.


In 2019, we move forward and gained a lot. In 2020, we will make persistent efforts and achieve better results.

P.S:  WTS 2020 Chinese New Year holiday time is Jan 25th to Feb 1st . Wish all of you have one nice time at Chinese New Year.

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