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FUZHOU WTS PHOTONICS TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. has a long history of manufacturing some of the most demanding optics in the world.

WTS have five workshop which include

-Flat optics Workshop

-Spherical Optics Workshop

-Crystal products Workshop

-Coating Workshop

-Assembly Workshop

Whether you need optics flat optics for system window, spherical optics for imaging, monitor application, crystal for laser and medical application, or a lens system for a image sensor equipment, WTS has the experience to meet your application. Just challenge us when you need some optics solution

Optical Processing
WTS is specialized in precision optical components. As a vertically integrated optics design and manufacturing company, WTS could manufacture optics lenses, windows, prisms, beamsplitters, filters, mirrors etc. Products.

Optical Coating
WTS offer coating service, specialized in custom optics and thin film deposition services. Our products provide superb optical performance in the wavelength range from 190 nm to 3.2 microns.

Optical Assembly
WTS has the specialized assembly lab. Class 3000 clean room and optical devices offer the capability of assembly. From optical design to optical assembly, WTS can offer you a integrated service.

Optical Design
WTS has design capability in system and components solution, we supply custom design solution, optical design & thin film coating design. And the sample and drawing could also help us to save time and cost.

Quality Assurance

Base on ISO 9001:2015, WTS quality management systems is set up and controlled. All of our products are measured under metrology device before delivery.

"High Quality ,Quick Response,Timely Delivery".

ISO 9001: 2015ISO 14001:2015OHSAS 18001: 2015


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