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18" Zgyo Interferometer test for D300mm windows products
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18" Zgyo Interferometer test for D300mm windows products

WTS  Photonics Technology CO., LTD work for one Diameter 300x50mm fused silica windows. For the flatness requirement is L/10 @632.8nm. After first work, the flatness is 0.137 Lambda. Would fix them and complete them in Aug to make 0.1L.

WTS could work for biggest Dia 500mm windows and offer test for 18 ZYGO test report. The material could be Fused silica, ZnS, SiC etc. Material. Mostly are for fused silica. WTS could offer Conring, Heraeus, Ohara, Nikon etc. brand big size fused silica products.

Professional engineers team and high technology test device help us offer high quality optics solution for you.

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