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2019 WTS National Day Startup Conference
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2019 WTS National Day Startup Conference


Oct 1st, the 70th anniversary of the Chinese National Day, a big month. All Chinese people celebrate it in 7 days.


At October 12, WTS Startup conference was grandly start at WTS employee activity hall.

WTS family is divided into four teams for PK, namely the Weilong team, Taishan team, Miss team, and Lightspeed team.


The conference held morale demonstrations, talent shows, and presented awards to outstanding employees. The family also shared their work experience and life insights. The whole conference was harmonious, warm and exciting, striving to win the championship and get the prize.


Weilong Team presented the dance "Good Time", the music slowly rose, and the dancers danced with the beat of the music, sometimes tenderly like water, sometimes passionate. Good time let everyone enjoy one good period.


Taishan Team brought the pantomime "Comparison". The superb performance of Director Guo and Director Zhang profoundly demonstrated the current phenomenon of comparison in society to the audience and won everyone's applause. The final comparison also won the most popular award in this competition.


Miss Team sang the song "Into the New Era". The 70th anniversary of the motherland, thank the great motherland for leading us into the new era, a song to recall the hardships of the old era, and the happiness of the new era. We cherish the moment even more.


Light Speed Team brought a sketch "Awkward Classroom", the sketch was humorous. Let us recognize the importance of serious study. The competitiveness of future enterprises is their learning ability. Only by continuously learning and innovating can make an enterprise not be eliminated by society.


At the conference, Mr. Chen affirmed the efforts made by the staff for WTS efforts, and also made important arrangements for the work in the next three months. Strive to complete the goals and objectives of the year by the end of the year.


WTS family is a combat wing, We promises to complete all our task.


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