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LP12A Plane Precision Ring Polisher
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LP12A Plane Precision Ring Polisher


On September 19, 2019, the customized WUXI SHI XIBIN OPTO-ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT CO., LTD LP12A plane precision ring polisher reach WTS.


The plane precision ring polisher can be used to process large-diameter window products. The maximum processing size can reach 400mm, and the surface flatness  accuracy can reach L / 20.


LP12A plane precision ring polisher

1. The main function of the equipment

This machine tool is mainly used for the precision grinding and polishing of high-precision optical glass, quartz, crystal, metal and non-metal high-precision planar components. The machine tool uses a high-power worm reducer and large thrust ball bearings. Granite countertops have minimal deformation in different environments and at different temperatures. The machine tool adopts stainless steel table, clean and beautiful water tank, easy to clean, variable frequency speed regulation, large output torque


2. Technical parameters:

1). Grinding disc specifications: Φ1200x150mm

2). Surface accuracy: single point runout ≤0.05mm

3). Basin Diameter: Φ1360 mm

4). Processing range: Φ 400mm (outer diameter of workpiece ring Φ500mm)

5). Rotating speed of grinding disc: 0 5r / min (stepless frequency conversion)

6). The forward and backward movement distance of the caliper: 100mm

7). Calibration disc specifications: Φ650x60mm

8). Total power of machine tool: 4KW 380V

9). Dimensions: 1710 × 1710 × 1200 (mm)

10). Machine weight: about 2000 kg


LP12A plane precision ring polisher greatly extend the processing size range of products and ensures the processing accuracy of large-caliber products. The products processed by the ring polisher can be used at sky for rocket and satellite high precision windows; can be in the sea for submarines; and can also be used for high-precision transmission lens and reflection lens for ZYGO interferometers


With the continuous addition of equipment, WTS  production line would be enriched and could offer more optics solution.


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