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Din3140 surface quality standard
May 17, 2018
★ 1/1x0.04, 1/1 x 0.04 allow a bubble with a diameter of 0.04. In fact, the area of the bubble is: 1 x 0.042=0.0016mm2 can be divided into many small bubbles, but its total area is the same.If: 1/1 times 0.04 is the same as 1/3 x 0.025 or 1/6 * 0.016,1/16 * 0.001 etc. If the expression has parentheses, it cannot be broken into multiple small bubbles.

★ 2/01 2/ denotes the requirement of stripe, 2/01 indicates that the band 01 is allowed to be 01~04.

★ 3/3 (1) 0.5 3 / said demand for aperture 3/3 f number is 3, (1) 0.5 said Numbers in brackets in the two vertical direction f number difference, that is, a direction of aperture is 3, 2 vertical aperture for local error (smooth on the interference fringes of minor deviations) allow 0.5 a circle

★ 4/3.2 '4/ indicates the demand for eccentricity of 4/3.2' indicates that the surface inclination is 3.2 ', for example, the amount of eccentricity at the center of the ball is calculated as C: C= surface inclination x spherical radius /3438 cases: R=53.43 surface inclination 3.2 ', C=3.2 * 53.43/3438=0.0497mm.

★ 5/1x0.063; K2 x 0.004;R0.1 5/ represents the requirement for surface defects 5/1 * 0.063;K2 x 0.004;R0.1 1 x 0.063 indicates that a hemp point with a size of 0.063mm is allowed, which can be converted into a lot of small hemp points, such as: 1 * 0.0632=0.004mm2, which can be converted into the following: 3 * 0.05;6 x 0.025;16 * 0.016;40 x 0.010 can be converted to: 1 * 0.04+4 * 0.025, as long as the total area of the hemp is kept unchanged, with parentheses, it cannot be broken up into multiple small pitts.K2 x 0.004 indicates that the scratch marks of two arbitrary lengths with a width of 0.004mm can also be removed into many small scratches with the same scratch area, but the total area remains the same.The scratch area can also be replaced by a pitting area.R0.1 indicates that there is no limit to the number of broken edges with a depth of 0.1mm.

★ 50/2 x 0.1;G2 x 0.25;C2 * 0.25 50/ indicates the requirement for surface defects of the film after coating is 50/2 x 0.1;G2 x 0.25;C2 * 0.25 indicates that the film layer allows two defects with a size of 0.1mm (including pitting and scratches, etc.), as well as two gray patches with a size of 0.25mm and a color spot of 0.25mm.

★6/10 indicates that the requirement for material stress is 6/10, which means that the optical path difference of 10nm is allowed, that is, the light is allowed to produce a difference of 10nm after every 1cm.

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