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Spherical Polishing Machines (KJSC-3.0/4P)and (KJSC-1.5/4P)
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Spherical Polishing Machines KJSC-3.0/4Pand (KJSC-1.5/4P)


WTS get  latest Spherical Polishing Machines KJSC-3.0/4Pand (KJSC-1.5/4P) and put into production in March.


Features of KJSC-3.0/4P


It’s profitable for big lens max size+/-100R,D80.

It’s separate up-down part and holder pressure part to prevent wear kansasi shaft, able to ensure high accuracy in long-time work.

It’s possible for individual axes to control the speed of main spindle and oscillation angle to meet the modify process.

It can be strengthen pressure and shortened processing time as remove the hang of the spindle when working large lens by apply 0.4KW spindle motor.

It’s possible to adjust of thickness for lens with signal gauge(1/100mm) when use grinding process.


Every year WTS would purchase some new production machine and test machine. The next new machine would be new 8" ZYGO InterferometerBruker 3D optical surface profiler Contour GT-K1 and Optorun coating equipment.


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