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WTS Ferbuary Startup Conference
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WTS February Startup Conference

On Feb 12, WTS monthly Startup conference started at the meeting room.

Every month, the WTS family will be divided into Wei Long Team, Tai Shan Team, and Si Nian Team. They will conduct the PK. Three teams will have different performances during the conference. Weilong Team recited two well-known poems from Chairman Mao “Untitled Long March” and “SNOW--to the Tune of Chin Yuan” “For truly great men, look to this age alone”. With their exciting acts, they had won the good comments and big applauds from all the other WTS members and distinguished guests. Tai Shan Team sang a famous song called “Dedicate Yourself and You will win”.“Thirty percent predestined, seventy percent earned.” It reflected the fighting and hard working spirit of all the members of WTS. A beautiful dance“Thank you” by Si Nian Team made all the audience moved. Thank you, all the members in WTS. Because of you, WTS is becoming better and better. Solid as the stone, stable as Mount Tai. Tai Shan Team kept scoring in this conference and won the champion. Congratulations.

We will keep our mission in mind, stick to our values and fight for our vision. WTS will certainly become better and better.

Tai Shan TeamSi Nian TeamWei Long Team


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