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WTS October Startup Conference
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WTS October Startup Conference

WTS October Startup conference started at 5:30 on October 12.

The startup conference of the month is a conference that unites the corporate culture. It is an inspiring conference. It is a conference that blew the horn of the charge. It is a conference that connects the past and the future. In the conference, we summarized, set goals, shared, commended the excellence colleague, and motivated the team and every team express determination, challenges and commitments.

Every month, the WTS family will be divided into the Wei Long team, the Tai Shan team, and the Si Nian team. They will conduct the PK. In the usual Sep work, the Wei Long team took the first score. At the startup conference, the teams showed morale and talents. In the morale show, the three teams are all uniform, morale is like a rainbow.In talents show, the Si Nian team Hand language dance”Thankful Heart” has won the glory of all family members. In the end, the Si Nian Team won the October monthly championship with its talent show. The champion is always reserved for those who are prepared. The Si Nian Team made good preparation made their championship dreams come true. Congratulations to them.

General Manager Sam Chen made a detailed summary of the work in September, pointed out some shortcomings in the work in September, and also carried out work plans, arrangements and prospects for October. We are all full of confidence in the work in October. Keep improving work, go ahead and don't forget your heart.

WTS family will always adhere to the "Quality first, Integrity-based, Customer first" principle, and continue to provide customers with best quality products and services.

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