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2019 WTS Guilin Trip- World is big, WTS is great
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2019 WTS Guilin Trip- World is big, WTS is great

Time flies, the annual company trip start. 2019 WTS Guilin Trip- World is big, WTS is great.

Reading thousands of books is not as good as traveling thousands of miles. The world is very big, China is very beautiful, and WTS provides an annual tourist feast for the hard-working family. Especially this year, the company responded to the call of employees and set the company's tourism in the summer holiday. Let us could bring parents and children to travel together after hard working.

The company is a big family and each family is a small family. Both families are only harmonious and constantly developing, and we can continue to move forward. Thanks to the company management for this kind of lovely activity.

Guilin is beautiful, beautiful Mountain, beautiful Water, beautiful Cave, and the Guilin Peoples are more beautiful. The mountains flattened up, in various poses, like the old man, like a giant elephant, like a camel, like a tortoise, like a frog. One mountain, different angle, different shape. The water of the Lijiang River is twisted and twisted, like the mirrors.  The water is around the mountain and the mountain is holding water. There are many caves in the mountains, the caves are secluded, the water passes through the caves, and the water is worn from the mountains. The rock in the cave is awesome, and the mountains, water, caves and stones are all interesting. Therefore, Guilin's "four musts" of "Shanqing, Shuixiu, Dongqi, Shimei" have been formed, and since ancient times, there has been a reputation for "Guilin's landscape is the best in the world".

Accompanying the family to walk in Guilin, sometimes rafting down, sometimes peaking, and sometimes passing through the hole. The two rivers and four lakes in Guilin, the impression of Liu San Jie, the dream cave of Yinziyan. Everywhere in Guilin is beautiful, and every place is worth remembering.

World is big, WTS is great. Let us focus on the pursuit of our dreams and realize the value of our lives.

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