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  • N-BK7 Windows and H-K9L Windows

    Made from BK7 material, which has transparent range from 330-2100nm. The refractive index is 1.5168 at 587.6nm. The BK7 window has good performance over visible and near IR spectrum for most application.

  • High Precision Achromatic Waveplate

    Achromatic Waveplate Achromatic Waveplates(Retarders), AWP is composed of one piece of Crystal Quartz and one piece of Magnesium Fluoride, MgF2.

  • IR Windows Barium Fluoride BaF2 Window

    Barium fluoride (BaF2) shows good optical transmission over UV-IR windows in 0.15μm~12.5μm.

  • IR Windows Magnesium Fluoride MgF2 Windows

    MgF2 windows are used in the UV, visible and IR ranges, with approximately 94% transmission from 200 - 1000 nm, and approximately 95% transmission from 1-6µm

  • IR Windows Calcium fluoride CaF2 Windows

    CaF2 has transparent range from 170-7800nm. The refractive index is 1.399 at 5000nm. 1. Low absorption coefficient 2. High damage threshold, 3. Low Dispersion (with an Abbe Number of 95) 4. Low fluorescence 5. Excellent water, chemical, and heat resistance

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Color Glass Filters


Cut-Off Colored Glass Filters

Cut-off Colored Glass Filters
The glass is named based on spectral characteristic of which is represented by the wavelength transmission limit.

Short Pass Color Glass Filters

Long Pass Color Glass filters

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Cut-Off Colored Glass Filters

Cut-Off Colored Glass Filters is named based on spectral characteristic of which is represented by the wavelength transmission limit. For example, if the transmission limit of glass is 490nm,then it is named as JB490. It separated to Long Pass Color Glass filters and Short Pass Color Glass filters. There are five groups and 35 types glasses. The Following are the 35 Types Glasses

Their main application are as below:

1. Environmental displays
2. Optical metrological instruments
3. Laser protective windows
4. Machine vision devices
5. Optical detection instruments
6. Optical test instruments 
7. Electro-optic displays
8. Medical optical
9. Infrared thermograph

ZJB220 UV-22 JB470 GG475 Y-46 HB670 RG665
ZJB240 WG230 JB490 GG495 Y-48 HB685 R-68
ZJB260 JB510 GG515 Y-50 HB700 RG695 R-70
ZJB280 WG280 UV-28 CB535 GG530 0-54 HB720 RG715 R-72
ZJB300 WG295 UV-30 CB550 GG550 HWB760 IR-76
ZJB320 WG320 UV-32 CB565 GG570 0-56 HWB780 RG780
ZJB340 WG345 UV-34 CB580 GG590 0-58 HWB800 IR-80
ZJB360 WG360 UV-36 HB600 R-60 HWB830 RG830 IR-83
ZJB380 GG375 L-38 HB610 RG610 HWB850 IR-85
JB400 GG400 L-40 HB630 RG630 R-62 HWB900
JB420 GG420 L-42 HB640 RG645 R-64 HWB930
JB450 GG455 Y-44 HB650 R-66

Material: Color glass
Dimension Tolerance: +0.0, -0.2mm
Thickness Tolerance: +/-0.2mm
Surface quality: 80/50
Clear Aperture: >85%
Flatness: 1 λ per 25mm@633nm
Parallelism: <3'
Bevel: <0.25mmx45°
Coating: Upon requirement

Typical Sizes:
Size(mm) Size(mm)
Φ5.0x1.0 Φ20.0x3.0
Φ10.0x2.0 Φ25.4x3.0
Φ12.7x2.0 Φ50.8x3.0
Φ15.0x3.0 Φ76.2x5.0

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